Pensioners Win £1.1 Million Jackpot

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James and Catherine Paterson, of Alloa in Clackmannanshire, were happy to think their lottery ticket had matched five of the numbers drawn, which would have paid them a £986 prize.  When their son re-checked their ticket, he found that they had not won £986 after all; their ticket had managed match all numbers drawn and is worth £1,138,746.

The happy couple, who are both pensioners, still find it hard to believe they are now millionaires.  They want to have a bit of time to plan how they will use all that money, but realize it will be a tremendous help to them, especially as both have to contend with health issues.

They have, however, hinted that a trip to Seychelles may be in order, as well as considering a new house.  This early, their three sons and eight grandchildren are busy making up their Christmas lists.  Top of the list for their sons are new cars.


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