Player Snags £10 Million New UK Lotto Jackpot

October 10th, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

It was the first draw of the new UK Lotto game, and one sole winner claimed the hefty £10 million jackpot.  Operators Camelot feel that the launch of their revamped lottery game could not have gone any better.

In addition to the single winner of £10 million, 11 other tickets won £43,059 for matching five balls plus the bonus ball, 397 tickets matched five balls for 1,012, 574 won £90 for four matches and 441,686 won £25 for three matches.

And as  promised, 1,000 players also won £20,000 each in this special draw.

Saturday’s draw saw the first time changes which included an increase in ticket price and a revision of the prize structure were in play.

There were no winners for the Thunderball draw.  The numbers drawn were 33, 39, 22, 13, 37 with 08 as the  Thunderball number.


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