Post Investigation Prompts Florida Lottery Changes

April 6th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

The Post’s investigation of the Florida lottery revealed that many players may be winning big prizes too often.  It seem that the finding is such that the frequency of the wins have started to look suspicious.  In response, the Florida Lottery revealed that it was making changes aimed at protecting players and preventing fraud.

The lottery says it will also use software to track multiple winners in real time, so any necessary action can be taken instantly.  As there have been reports of clerks stealing players’ winnings, the lottery will install more self-check machines.  Store owners and clerks will now also come under a greater degree of scrutiny.

The Post also reports that Florida Lottery conducted stings targeting crooked clerks stealing winning tickets from players.  Nineteen arrests have been made, but none of them was announced.


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