Price Increase Opponents Threaten Boycott Of National Lottery

August 3rd, 2013   ·   Read 4 Comments...

There are threats to boycott the National Lottery when its price increases from £1 to £2 starting on the October 5 draw.  Accusations have come from diverse groups that the price increase is only meant to generate bigger profits for lottery operators Camelot.  One of the more concerned groups is that of retirees who say they could no longer afford the pricier tickets.  Opponents of the increase have hailed the Health Lottery’s decision to maintain their £1 pricing.

The National Lottery maintains that the increase is a response to lottery players’ need for more ways to win.  Lottery officials also claim they will be paying out more prizes under the new scheme.

To further sweeten the entry of the new higher priced tickets, Camelot has announced the first two Saturday draws will both feature £10 million jackpots and guaranteed 1000 winners of £20,000 each.


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  • Podger

    Won’t be buying any more lucky dips as well as my regular numbers – so they lose out on a sale.

  • Mikey

    Double price has now made me decide to stop doing it, all the hype about prizes being increased is rubbish compared to Camelot charging double the price. NO more Lotto for me. I entered yesterday’s launch due to the additional prizes but that was my last entry! We should have given it to Branson from the beginning!

    • Lottery Blog

      A lot of people feel the same. But no change is permanent, so it will be interesting to see how this change pans out.

      Don’t forget to at least play next Saturday’s draw too – that’s also a launch a special with the same extra prizes.

  • Blah blah blah

    Don’t play it, simple, your just lining the pockets of Camelot which is owed by a Canadian pension fund. Not even an English owed company runs our lottery, says it all really. It’s all about profit, play the health lottery instead, better still, give the lottery to Branson who should have got it in the first place.

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