Powerball Winner Randy Smith To Feature On ‘The Lottery Changed My Life’

July 5th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Remember lottery winner Randy Smith? He was the guy who won a $44 Million lump sum on the Powerball, and has been very generous with his charitable donations – including buying fire engines and ambulances!

Well, you’re going to get to know Randy Smith a whole lot better.

For 3 days The Learning Channel (TLC) have been following him around to film an episode of the new lottery winners TV show ‘The Lottery Changed My Life‘.

On Friday they were filming at the ROCS Mountaineer Mart which is on Kelly Island Road, the place where Randy bought his winning Powerball ticket. Although the film crew proved a little shy, and declined to tell people why they were filming.

The show have also filmed Randy at various locations where he has helped out by making donations, as well as at his favourite diner, Blue White Grill, in downtown Martinsburg.

Randy was also filmed at the magistrates office where he used to work. As soon as he learned he had won he asked another magistrate to take over for him. He resigned shortly after as he knew couldn’t continue whilst being such a high profile lottery winner.

The broadcast date of the episode has yet to be announced. But look out for an episode with a Powerball winner buying fire engines for his community very soon.

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  • Dennis

    I’m watching the episode that features him right now. I’m so inspired by him. What a wonderful man to do so much for his community and neighbors.

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