Single UK Ticket Scoops EuroMillions Jackpot

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Finally, that crazy €185 Million jackpot for the EuroMillions has been won.

Sadly though, just one ticket matched all 5 main numbers and the 2 lucky stars to win the whole lot.

But that is the side effect of the recent EuroMillions changes – there may be more rollovers, but that is because it’s now harder to win. Which makes it more likely we will see those jackpots shared between fewer winners.

Hopefully though this single ticket will turn out to be owned by a good sized syndicate group.

The winning ticket was bought in the UK, which is where the three biggest online EuroMillions syndicates are based. So there is some hope that the prize will actually be shared between a group of winners and not just one person.

EuroMillions have not yet revealed if the winner has made contact. So we will still have to wait a while longer to find out if the prize will be claimed, and if the winner will be sensible enough to choose to stay anonymous.

As the prize is to be paid to a UK winner, the amount payable will actually be £161,653,000. That’s not quite the headline £166 Million the UK announced a few days ago – but this is down to the exchange rate as the prize is converted from €185 Million.

What about the EuroMillions roll down?

This was of course another roll down draw as the jackpot was capped at €185 Million.

There were 11 winners of the 2nd tier prize from matching 5 main numbers and 1 lucky star. Due to the roll down effect, this paid out a prize approximately 8 times bigger than normal. Each of the 11 winners receives £1,779,995.

So even if you missed out on the jackpot – you just might still be an instant EuroMillions millionaire!

The winning EuroMillions numbers for Tuesday 12th July were 17, 19, 38, 42 and 45, with Lucky Stars of 9 and 10.

Now the rollover jackpot has been won, Friday’s jackpot will be reset to £13 Million.

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