Son Finds 5 Month Old Lottery Ticket Worth $1 Million

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One of the best ways to win the lottery, is to actually check your tickets after you buy them.

Father and son Robert and John Moffatt bought their ticket for the Canada Lotto Max back in December. It was for the draw that was to be held on Christmas Eve.

Naturally Christmas was a good distraction, and the ticket was forgotten. Only, long forgotten.

Just a few short days ago, Robert discovered the ticket along with some other old tickets they hadn’t checked. So he scanned them with the self-service ticket check machine.

The machine lit up and told him the ticket he had sitting in a draw for over 5 months was actually worth a fantastic $1 Million.

Robert revealed their luck to his father over a cup of coffee. He was strangely calm about the whole affair. His father wasn’t quite so lackadaisical:

He might have been calm, but I was pretty excited.

But then John is thrilled about choosing which new car he is going to buy with his half a million share of the winnings. Robert plans to share his winnings around the family.

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