Steel Worker Hits Lotto Max

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David Rennie thought the machine had broken when he checked his Lotto Max ticket at the ‘Chevron Town Pantry’ in Campbell River, B.C.

The store clerk turned to David to say their lotto machine had just gone down – but then the blank screen started flashing ‘WINNER’ and the machine blared out the winners tune!

It was insane. Everyone at the gas bar was losing their minds.

David, 48, had just won one of the largest ever Lotto Max jackpots at $35,738,798 in Friday nights draw.

Still coming to terms with the big win, he says he won’t be quitting his job just yet – not until the money is in his bank account. But as soon as it arrives, he’s quitting his warehouse job at a steel company.

He’s worked hard all his life, both as a logger and at the steel works, but now David plans to enjoy the money together with his wife Sandra and son, Kyle.

The money will pay off all their credit, and buy his parents a nice townhouse. His wife, who shows horses, will be buying one of the best, and they plan to do some travelling.

But the celebrations start tomorrow as David will be buying the family tickets for the Canucks game in Vancouver. Needless to say, he’s not worried about how much the tickets cost.

Lotto Max was launched in 2009 (read more in how to play Canada Lotto Max). David’s big win is one of the top 3 wins so far on the game. The jackpot is paid out tax free so he will be receiving the full $35 Million.

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