“Stick Your Job, I’ve Won The Lottery!”

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It’s a phone call we’ve all dreamed of making, but not one most of us would be quite so quick to make.

But for Glenn Christie, 38, it was the very first thing he did!

He was driving to work early Sunday morning, the rain battering down on his windscreen. As a road digger, rainy days are pretty miserable days. Glenn was not looking forward to getting to work.

So when fiancée Sian Harper called him on his mobile to say they had matched all 6 numbers on the UK Lotto, the day took a breakneck turn for the better.

Having first made sure that Sian was not joking, and they had really just won £1,158,038 – Glenn was straight on the phone to his boss.

As it was still 8:30 on a Sunday morning his call got Nigel, the boss, out of bed. No, there was no emergency:

I got him out of bed and told him I’d just won the lottery and he could stick his job.

Glenn then turned right around and drove back home again. The minute the pub opened he was buying a round and celebrating.

His boss suggested he should probably write a resignation letter. Glenn said he couldn’t be bothered. That was it, no more working in the rain.

The couple had actually been engaged for 5 years, and were hoping to get married in a few years when they could afford it. And even then it was going to be a simple registry office affair.

However, Sian is now looking forward to a modest white wedding with close friends and family, sometime next year.

They have also started looking for a new house to replace the council house they currently live in. And will be taking the family on holiday to Jamaica.

Glenn will miss his workmates, but won’t miss the 70 hour weeks at £8.30 ph.

The jackpot for 11th June was actually £4.6 Million, but it was shared between four winning tickets. The winning numbers were 9, 11, 35, 37, 40 and 45, with a bonus ball of 26.

If you’d like a better chance of winning the Lotto, join one of our UK Lotto syndicates. But I’d suggest waiting until the winnings are in your bank account before telling the boss where to go.

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