Struggling Waitress Hits $12.5 Million Jackpot

January 29th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

Patricia Eisel, 40 was a single mum of three kids, working as a waitress in Long Island, New York.

Now she’s a multi-millionaire who will no longer worry about paying the bills 🙂

“This came just in time,” she said at a check-presentation ceremony yesterday.

Eisel said she has yet to tell her children. “I’m going to tell them that mommy got lucky,” said Eisel, who plans to move from her cramped apartment and buy a house. “And that we’re going to have a nice life. Everything is going to be OK.”


Despite the big win, Patricia still plans to continue working at the The Saloon in Long Beach, because the customers and her boss are like family.

You can’t buy happiness, but a big win does help take the stress of those bills away.

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    Turns out Patricia’s “love rat” estranged husband has now turned up, and begun divorce proceedings.

    Her lawyer, Dorothy Going, says he has now legally frozen her out of spending any of the winnings until the distribution of assets is decided by the courts.

    It always pays to sort out your finances before you win the lottery folks.

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