Texas Lottery Star Trek Event, Shatner Included!

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Set phasers to stun – because Texas lottery have launched a Star Trek branded scratch off ticket.

Now you won’t be winning a trip on the Enterprise or a date with Lt. Uhura, just cold hard cash.

But to celebrate the launch, the Texas Lottery will be hosting an event to try and break the world record for the number of Star Trek fans in costume!

And Beam Me Up Scottie, but Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, will be there to join the fun.

The date is 30th March, at 10am. And the location is Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Convention Center.

As well as the possibility of being part of a world record, you’ll also get a chance to win prizes ranging from Trek scratch off tickets to a rather nice $50,000.

If you’ve ever had even the vaguest desire to dress up as a Klingon, now this really has to be a good excuse.

Read more in http://www.trektoday.com/content/2013/01/texas-star-trek-lottery-event/

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