The Secret To Picking Lottery Numbers

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There are a number of ways people try to predict winning lottery numbers.  Many people, and more websites swear by ‘systems’ they guarantee to make people hit the jackpot, but are any of them helpful?

Some people who use birthdays, and dates of significant events in their lives have won big.  But this does not mean that it is a sure way to win; the number of people using that type of  ‘system’ are huge, thereby ensuring that some of them would of course win eventually.

Other people use statistics to make their choices.  Some choose the numbers that come up most frequently, arguing that these numbers are more likely to come up again.  Others use numbers that have come up less frequently, arguing that these numbers are bound to come up soon based on the law of averages.

The truth is, numbers come up randomly without being affected by how many times they have been drawn previously.  And any number combination has the same chance of being drawn as any other.

So what works then?  Experts advise against choosing significant dates which limit the choice to 31. They also advise against numbers that are in some sort of order.

Their reason is not because those numbers are less likely to be draw, but because numbers that are not chosen randomly are more likely to be picked by more people. And people who win using random numbers are least likely to share the jackpot with a lot of people – so they tend to win bigger jackpots.


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