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Lottery Stories Of The Week

There are some pretty interesting stories of lottery winners this week.  There’s a statistician who bucked the odds to win a lottery jackpot and a war vet who finally won a big jackpot after 40 years of play.

A woman named Wanda has just won $2 million, after winning a million in 2012!  Then there is a woman who won an even more hefty sum of $18 million from the Florida Lottery!

Florida Woman Bags $18 Million Lotto Jackpot
Diane Darty had been buying tickets ever since the Florida lottery started almost 30 years ago.  Now she’s finally been rewarded with a big payout.

War Vet Wins $628820 Jersey Cash 5 Jackpot
Most will agree that many of our war veterans don’t receive the recognition they deserve; it’s almost like many lottery players who have been playing for a long time without a significant win .  A Korean war veteran who had been faithfully playing the lottery for the past 40 years finally received his due – a big win.

Statistician Wins $100,000 Lotto Jackpot
There is very little chance of winning the lottery.  Odds of winning have been calculated at 1 in several millions, hundred millions even depending on the game.  These odds are even posted in lottery websites.  No one is more familiar with odds of winning than statisticians.  That is why it is highly unusual for statisticians to play the lottery.  Having said all that, the odds of a statistician winning the lottery must be infinitely smaller indeed!

Wanda Hill Wins Millions For The 2nd Time
With the lottery, you never know when and where lady luck will decide to land.  While many of us are still waiting for a significant win, some other people have won more than once.  Wanda must have some kind of magic!

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