Thurso Housewife Wins £250,000 From Scratch Card

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Sandra Swanson, 48, tried to tell her husband she had won £250,000 on a National Lottery scratch card.

But he was engrossed in a game of Nintendo golf with his brother.

Sandra knew the rules but still didn’t quite believe she had won herself. She bought these cards every week, and had even managed a £200 win last year.

But now she was staring at 3 little diamond symbols which clearly meant she had just won the top prize of £250,000.

I wasn’t happy when I realised that I had won. I was just in state of shock wondering what had just happened.

Husband Glenn, 54, asked her to wait until they had finished their game as the two brothers were locked in a furiously competitive game of electronic golf:

I thought nothing of it to start with. We couldn’t believe it when it turned out she had won the jackpot.

Early the next day they called the National Lottery claims line and confirmed their big win.

Sandra and Glenn have been married for 26 years, with 3 grown up children. The biggest change that will come from their win, is being able to buy their first ever home.

We currently live in rented accommodation. Owning our own home will be the biggest bonus for us. This is something we could only have dreamed about doing before the win.

They also plan to have a big family holiday overseas, as well as treating other family members.

Sandra bought her winning scratch card from D. & M. Fraser’s Supermarket, Castlegreen Road.

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