Unclaimed Jackpot May Be Awarded To Honest Man

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Someone who bought a lottery ticket containing the numbers 10, 17, 24, 37, 40 and 43 last year in a Carrefour shopping centre in Galicia,  richer by €4.7m (£3.95m) and not know about it.

Speculations are rife in La Coruña, northern Spain over the real owner of the unclaimed jackpot, who failed to keep the ticket safe.  The ticket, which went on to win the grand prize in June 2012, was found by an extremely honest man named Manuel Reija González on the counter of a lottery shop different from the shop it was bought from.  Manuel turned the ticket over to lottery officials.

Now a frantic search is on to find the owner who mislaid the ticket.  But if the real owner is not found within two years, honest Manuel Reija González will find himself €4.7m richer.  If that happens, he truly deserves it.

Read more in http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/sep/16/spanish-lottery-winning-ticket-unclaimed

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