US Powerball Rolls Over Again

August 10th, 2012   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Rollover fever is starting to take hold in the US right now, as the big Powerball jackpot rolled over once again.

The jackpot for Saturday is now predicted to be around $253 Million.

Powerball is of course no stranger to rollovers and big jackpots. With odds of 1-in-175 million for the jackpot, it has the hardest odds of nearly every lottery game in the world.

There is some way to go yet to beat the jumbo jackpot from February this year of $336 Million, which sadly ultimately went to just one winner. We think that Powerball should introduce a jackpot cap and roll down rule to help spread these vast jackpots amongst more winners.

After all, isn’t it better to celebrate 20 (or even 50!) big winners rather than just one?

Come on Powerball, your odds are too tough as it is, so at least do the right thing with those jackpots.

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