Villagers Lose Money ‘Invested’ With Accountant

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This is one lottery story that does not end well.  The members of theTudor Tavern Pub syndicate which won £3.6 million in 1997 are included in a list of many lottery winners who have entrusted their money to former accountant David Reeves.  Last week all his clients received letters saying he had lost their money in a failed investment scheme.  Reeves even had the temerity to as them to reinvest so he can recoup the losses.  Reeves was later reported to have handed himself over to police.

The former accountant had lured in people of the village by setting up a private investors’ club.  Previous lottery winners were enticed into joining because Reeves supposedly had always made money investing in American firms.

People of his village are now angry, not knowing whether Reeves had lost the money through bad investments or if it had been an elaborate investment scam all along.


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