Washington’s Latest Lottery Millionaire

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Jim paced up and down while his wife Deborah Harden checked the numbers yet again.

She’d already checked them twice, and had got Jim out of bed while she triple checked.

But there was no mistaking. Jim and Deborah had just become Washington State’s 3rd biggest lottery winners ever. With a Lotto jackpot win of $9.6 Million from the draw held 4th April.

If you’ve ever wondered how well winners sleep in those early days, it doesn’t come easy as Deborah explained:

I couldn’t work the next day. I had real focus issues. I was up all night and all the next day. We haven’t slept good yet. It is mind-altering.

Deborah, 60, plans to continue working at least for a little while longer at Griggs Department Store, where she has enjoyed working for 20 years now. But she’ll do so happy in the knowledge she can now retire any time she likes.

The couple now plan a trip to Disneyland with the whole family, as well as setting up educational trust funds for their three grandchildren.

Deborah bought a total of $13 in tickets for the draw, all of them computer picks. She also said she isn’t a regular player, only buying tickets when the jackpot rises above $5 Million.

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