Where Do You Hide Your Winning Lottery Ticket?

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Lottery companies do have to deal with some fishy claims at times.

But some are more fishy than others. Such as the winner Camelot (UK) say kept their ticket ‘safely’ inside a packet of cat treats. Lucky their cat didn’t feel in need of a midnight snack.

Players do keep their winning lottery tickets in strange places though – as well as amongst the cat food they have also been kept in the dog’s bed and tucked in the sun visor of the car. With one winner keeping his big winner safely inside his secretary’s make-up bag..!

The problem with some of these obscure ‘safe’ places, is people sometimes forget where they put their ticket…

So Camelot has just launched ‘National Back of the Sofa Week’ to encourage players to check for those extremely safely stashed (lost!) tickets. With £9 Million of unclaimed prizes still eligible to be claimed in the UK right now, maybe there will be a ticket or two down the back of the sofa.

Camelot’s giant ‘lottery sofa’ will be paying a visit to Plymouth, Leeds, Stoke, Blackburn and Oxfordshire in particular as there are big prize claims outstanding in each of those areas.

What’s down the back of your sofa..?

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