Win £1 Million For A £1 Health Lottery Plus Ticket

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Health Lottery Plus has been introduced to give bettors a chance to win a £1 million jackpot for the low price of just £1. In the new game available only at High Street bookmakers Coral, players may place their bets on the Health Lottery’s numbers and choose an additional number to allow them a chance at £1 Million.

Health Lottery officials expect the game to be well received considering the small amount it would take to vie for such a large jackpot.  Many lottery enthusiasts, who had earlier complained about competitor National Lottery’s decision to raise the minimum bets for the UK Lotto to £2 beginning late this year, may view the Health Lottery Plus in a positive light.

The draws for the Health Lottery are screened Wednesdays and Saturdays on TV’s Channel 5.


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