Win Allows Couple To Care For Parents

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When Graham and Amanda Nield won £6,676,215 in the lottery, they knew that several possibilities just opened up.  They could pay off debts, travel, buy luxury items, sit back and relax.  They, however, chose to turn their backs on a life of luxury to care for Amanda’s parents.

What their new fortune allowed them to do is to retire from their jobs and move in with Amanda’s parents who are both disabled.  They can now be dedicated care providers for Amanda’s parents.  She feels that it is her time to repay the care she received from her father, and her mother, and Graham agrees.  Besides, Amanda had promised her Dad he would never suffer the indignity of having to live in an old folks home.

The couple plan to use their money to buy a cottage they can share with her folks, houses for their children, and giving to charity.  And yes, they have since gotten married.


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