FEATURE: Lottery Winner Of The Month (August 2016)

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Matt Myles lottery winner

Mum Saves Lotto Winner From Utter Ruin

The story of Matt Myles’ lottery win had made headlines not so much because of the size of the prize, many people have won a million pounds before, but because he was relatively young and adventurous. He was only 27 at the time and really enjoyed parties. Being young he was determined to live a life of luxury – some would even say excess!

The guy had served in the Army for five years, so he knows the meaning of privations. But then, he also knew how to party!

The Road To Ruin

After he won a million pounds in April 2014, he immediately left work and set off on a tour of the world with his brother Pete. It was the start of a wild spending binge that would see him party in the best resorts and hotels in 22 countries including Bali in Indonesia, Thailand, the US, Brazil, Dubai in the UAE, and Italy for a full year and a half.

He lived (and thankfully survived) living a really hedonistic lifestyle and hooked up with more than a hundred women in that time. Perhaps being a former soldier made him appreciate life and seek to enjoy each moment of it.

But while he was drunk with happiness, his bank account was bleeding. After eighteen months of traveling around the world and living the good life, he had spent half his winnings. All that remained on his bank account was £500,000. If he had kept on for another year or so, there is no doubt he would have squandered all of his winnings. That is when mum decided to intervene.

How Sanity Returned

Lucky for Myles his mum Vivien had a lot of financial sense. Seeing where her son’s adventurous spirit was taking him, she decided it was time they had a talk.

Over tea, she delivered a dire warning saying “If you carry on as you are you are going to blow the lot.”

Myles realized how life can change in an instant. As a soldier his life could have ended in the blink of an eye. A lottery win gave him a million pounds in an instant. His fortune could vanish just as his mother says if he does not make any changes. And so change he did.

He immediately put a stop to wanton spending. Instead he spent time pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a firefighter. Instead of living it up, he tried his hand at investments. He used some of his remaining money to invest in medical shares, some property and in a film.

The Happy Ending

Now he has arrested the sharp decline in his finances. The long list of expenditures is gone; in its place is a portfolio of investments. And the good news is that the last time he checked, his net worth stands at £1,100,000. In just a short time he has recouped the £500,000 he had burned through right after his win and is now even £100,000 richer!

He says that without the advice from his mom Vivien he would have been well on the way to being a pauper. Now all he can think about is giving back to the community as a firefighter and being in a meaningful relationship by the time he is 30. That’s just a couple of years from now, but having righted his ship in time, his future is bound to be rosy. All that became possible only because his mother chose to speak up at the right time and he wisely chose to listen to her counsel.

Has your mother ever stepped in and saved you from making some bad choices? Or have you been the mother giving out the wise advice? Add your comment below.

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