Winners Still Have Most Of £1 Million Prize Left Unspent

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A year after their £1m  Lottery win, Kim and Ian McCarthy still have most of it – £750,000 of it to be exact.  And it is not  because they were not generous.  Immediately after receiving the money, they gave away £100,000 to family and friends. They have also spent another £20,000 on a holiday.

Though they feel fantastic about their win, they have not changed much.  They still live in their old house and, while Kim has retired, Ian still continues to work at a car plant.

Some of that money will be spent come July this year when one of their sons marry, Ian turns 50 and they celebrate their 22nd wedding anniversary.  They plan to give their house to their son and buy a 5-bedroom house with a jacuzzi in Fairfield in Washington.


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