Wraggs Give Away Most Of Their Jackpot Win

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In January 22, 2000, Ray Wragg bought Lottery tickets at his local Safeway store. One of the lines containing the combination 7, 9, 10, 40, 41 and 44 won a £7 million jackpot.  Today, thirteen years after the win, the couple have just enough to fund retirement, and are still buying lottery tickets in the hope of landing another jackpot, and the couple couldn’t be happier.

Ray and Barbara Wragg, from Sheffield, have given away about £5.5 million of their winnings, and have made a lot of people happy in the years since they were blessed with a huge jackpot.  Beneficiaries of their largesse include their children and grandchildren whose financial well being are secure, hospitals, and many charitable foundations.

When they moved to a bigger house, they sold their old house at a bargain, and donated the proceeds of the sale to two hospitals.

They love giving and say that they want to win so they can help more people.  I am sure there are many people praying for their win!

Read more in http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/5169546/Couple-who-gave-away-5million-of-their-lotto-jackpot.html

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  • Zaida Duran

    Someone sent me a message saying that I was chosen to be a beneficiary of an amount from their lotto winning claiming they are Ray and Barbara Wragg. I was kinda hopeful because I am from a poor country and a poor family and right now my family has no means of income, and I’m looking after my mom who is suffering from depression and my dad who has diabetes and heart disease. But I am aware of all the scams that are flooding the internet but still I want to learn from the Wraggs if they are truly (or not) the person who contacted me and wanted to donate some of their money. Is there any way you can help me? Thanks in advance!

    • Lottery Blog

      Sorry to say but lottery winners do not randomly email people offering to give them money. As you suspected, this is just another scam. Hope things get better for you soon Zaida.

  • T.Z.

    Same thing happened to me. There all scams.

    • Lottery Blog

      Huh? They gave away most of their winnings – how is that a scam..?

      EDIT: Ah, you mean you got one those fake emails claiming to be the Wraggs giving away money.

    • Nicole Borth

      Is there anything that I can do for this? I believe I have fell for this too. thanks. Nicole Borth

  • M & S

    The real Wraggs have given away most of their winnings and genuinely so.

    However the people that contacted us and others randomly are NOT the real Wraggs. They used the info online to create a very well thought of scam to rip you off, but as you read what they are saying you will find many RED flags for e.g. they don’t contact you via a phone, and the number they leave never works, you can’t reach them and most importantly if it was true you would receive a legal letter with a letter head from their financial advisors or lawyers. Finally the info I was sent telling us we were chosen for a lump sum of cash they were in Australia the bank was in Canada and the funds were coming from Europe and the Wraggs live in England. Go figure.

  • Anna Tarrant

    I too have received an email from these people claiming to be the Wraggs. It’s extremely sad that there are people out there who do this. Not only do they fake real peoples identities, but give you false hope. I hope they find these people and make them pay.

    • Lottery Blog

      Sure is sad Anna. But unfortunately this kind of scammer just moves from one scam to the next — so you have to be wary of any email from someone you don’t really know these days :-(.

      Thankfully they do get caught from time to time though too.

  • Alisha

    I also got an email saying the same thing but the bank they were dealing with was Natwest and I actually sent them money to get the donation. And what’s really bad is that I spoke to someone and it just seemed to be going so right. In the end it turned out not to be right at all.

    • Lottery Blog

      Sorry to hear that you got caught out Alisha 🙁

      But if you haven’t already, please, please do contact your local cybercrime unit. If you’re in the US, use the Internet Crime Complaint Centre – or the UK contact ActionFraud.

      It’s so important to report cases where money as been taken, as this greatly helps track these people down. The chances of you getting your money back are sadly minimal, but it might just help save somebody else.

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