222 Scottish Lottery Millionaires

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There was only one way you were getting entry to this party. You had to be Scottish, and an instant lottery millionaire.

It was actually a very polite affair, held at Glasgow’s 5 star spa hotel Blythswood Square. The occasion was to celebrate 222 Scottish millionaires having been created by the UK National Lottery.

Scotland has seen a good share of winnings from all prize levels, with in the region of £1 Billion claimed from all over Scotland.

And despite the naysayers, it’s actually only a tiny minority of lottery winners who go broke. Most of them are very happy indeed.

Take one Scottish winner from Kilmarnock. In 2001, Rosemary Ferguson won £2.2 Million on the UK Lotto. As Rosemary so eloquently put it:

Winning hasn’t changed me, it’s just made me happier.

Rosemary recalled the day she went to the Camelot lottery headquarters to collect her winnings. They showed her a picture of what that much money looked like – Rosemary was simply in disbelief, while her daughter just burst into tears.

She enjoyed taking her grandson to Lapland at Christmas to meet Santa. She bought a new house, and treated herself to a caravan for holidaying.

But she still plays the Lotto every week. After all, the only way it could happen again is if you buy a ticket.

A spokesperson for the National Lottery said it was great to see so many of Scotlands big winners all gathered together in one place. All sharing their tales of good fortune and how the lottery had changed their lives.

Look out for more lucky Scottish winners soon.

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