Bell Canada Workers Get Share Of Contested Jackpot

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I love it when good sense prevails over tricky legal mess.

To recap. A syndicate of 19 Bell Canada workers came forward to claim the New Years Eve jackpot of $50 million in January. But 11 other workers then appeared saying ‘hey hang on a sec’, we were in that syndicate too you know! It got messy.

But in a blinding flash of logic, the original 19 have accepted a payment of $31.7 million from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp… for now. This represents their share of the jackpot if the 11 other workers should be deemed entitled.

It’s now up to the courts to decide if the other 11 were part of the syndicate group or not. If they are, they get their share. If not, the original 19 get the remaining money.

The clever bit being that the 19 get to take home $1.6 million each right now, and not worry too much about the legal wrangling while they enjoy their winnings.

I feel for the other 11, but hopefully the courts will reach a swift decision, and if they are entitled, get them paid as soon as possible.

The bottom line. If you play in an office lottery pool, make sure you have a proper up to date syndicate agreement in place that states who is playing. And make sure you have a copy of it even if you’re not running the pool.

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