Canadian Group Wins $30 Million Lotto Max Bounty

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It seems like, lady luck sometimes tests those whom she would like to visit.  Take the case of David Primmer who heads a syndicate of eight employees of United Rentals; his first attempt to purchase tickets at the store failed when his bank card did not work, so he purchased the syndicate’s entry at Jubber’s Convenience as soon as he got to back Labrador.  And his reward for his persistence is a $30 million winner’s check.

The group won the top prize of the Atlantic Lottery’s July 4tth Lotto Max draw.  All eight members will receive a $3.7 million share of their bounty.  But it looks like the winners are so surprised they have not decided what to do – all of them showed up for work the week after their win!

Jubber’s Convenience Store earned a seller’s commission of 1% of the prize ($300,000).


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