Canadian Lottery Pool Share Lotto Max Jackpot

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A lottery pool from Toronto in Canada are celebrating claiming the Lotto Max jackpot from 22nd July.

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The group of 34 people work together at the Seven Oaks nursing home which is based in Scarborough, Toronto.

They will share a jackpot of $15 Million which will be split equally between the group. Each member of the pool will therefore receive a very nice payment of $440,000.

Naomi was the leader of the group and responsible for checking the tickets.

She was happy to discover they had won a few thousand dollars, then things got a little crazy:

The first one rang big winner… I found out that we won $6,407.89. So I checked the other one, and it said another big winner.

That other big winner turned out to be $15 Million.

The Seven Oaks pool are of course ecstatic with their win. It may not be enough to retire on, but it will certainly add a great deal of comfort to their lives.

And they can always look forward to their next win – after all, the group had only been running for 6 months before they hit the jackpot.

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