So How Do You Find Lottery Winners 7 Years Later?

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Remember these lottery winners that were conned out of their big win. The store owner who checked their ticket told them they had lost.

It turns out they won a free ticket. And the ticket that they never received actually hit the jackpot!

Well after being made aware of the fraud, the lottery company was able to track down the real winners. How?

Apparently it’s down to a new data analyis system that was installed in June 2010. This software can create rapid customer profiles that help narrow down genuine winners.

Bill Price, director of the OPP’s Inspection and Investigation Branch said:

The ticket profile that we had was very unique and very specific in terms of how the person who was purchasing and validating tickets played the Super 7, in terms of the amount of money spent, the amount of tickets purchased, where they were purchased, the favourite location and also visiting other stores.

It can’t identify anyone personally, so they still needed people to come forward and say it could be them (and 661 did).

But any tool that helps spot fraudulent trends and find real winners has got to be a good thing, right? If nothing else, just to act as a deterrent to ‘tempted’ lottery ticket sellers.

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