UK Lotto Bosses Now Taking Flack For Big Bonuses

February 7th, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Whilst still reeling from the onslaught of public opinion over the UK lottery ticket price rise, Lotto bosses are in trouble again already.

Now 25 managers at Camelot are being criticised for a bonus scheme that pays them fat bonuses for increasing ticket sales, whilst at the same time doubling the price of a UK Lotto ticket.

A spokesperson said the bonuses and ticket price are unrelated, but players are far from happy.

The companies Facebook page has been inundated with comments criticising the changes. This hasn’t been helped by Camelot doggedly sticking to the party line of “it’s what players wanted” – when ‘those players’ seem to be entirely absent in their vocal support of the changes.

The ‘outing’ of the big bonuses has been all the more embarassing for Camelot as they are currently attempting to win a bid to run the Pennsylvania Lottery in the USA. Where they have been quick to try and reassure players that they don’t currently have any plan to increase ticket prices.


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