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Lottery Stories Of The Week

A Canadian man has just won a $30 million lotto prize;  compared to that another man’s $500,000 win not have as much impact if the winner had not been homeless for the past six years.  An airport worker became an instant millionaire after choosing to purchase a lucky Euromillions ticket on the way to work.

A woman named Pamela Campany, who believes she has as much chance as anybody else of winning a big jackpot, proved her theory right by winning a million dollars.

$30 Million Lotto Max Winner Wants To Travel
When Mauro Bagnariol bagged a $30 million Lotto Max jackpot, he kept it secret from his wife so as not to ruin his grandson’s birthday celebration.  He only told her about it several days later when they were on the way back home.

Airport Worker Bags A Million Pounds
A decision to purchase a Euromillions ticket on the way to work has made airport worker Pat Boyce an instant millionaire.  One of the tickets he bought was one of the five tickets in the Mega Friday draw to receive a million pounds plus a luxury holiday.

Brownville Woman Becomes An Instant Millionaire
A woman from Brownville, who believes she has as much chance as anyone else of winning a big jackpot, just did.  Pamela L. Campany won a million dollars from an instant ticket she bought at a Stewart’s Shops convenience store.

Lottery Changes Homeless Man’s Life
An Aspen man who has been homeless for the last six years now has the lottery to thank for pulling him out of a financial rut.  Michael Engfors bought a $10 instant ticket which returned a $500,000 prize.

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