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Lottery Stories Of The Week

Two men took different routes toward lottery riches; one used numbers from the trucks ahead of him, and the other was led to a lottery ticket purchase by his taste for Nachos.

Two people went from pauper to millionaire with their lottery wins; one now lives off investments two years after his lucky break, while a mum of four has just won a third of a huge $564 million Powerball rollover jackpot.

Truck Numbers Lead To £1 Million Prize
Lottery players are using significant dates, rabbits’ feet, dreams, fortune cookies and horoscopes to find the lucky combination which will bring them riches.  Odd as it may seem lorry driver Stephen Chick tried playing the numbers on the plates of trucks he was driving behind, and won!

Taste For Nachos Leads To $50M Win
Many lottery winners attribute their success to  their commitment to play regularly; and they may be right.  But in the case of Gregory Nikolopoulos, it may be craving for nachos which lead him to a $50 million Lottomax jackpot.

Lottery Winner Now Lives Off Investments
21 months ago, Bay Roberts resident Wayne Hiltz was struggling to put food on the table.  He used to live in a leaky home and rode around in a bicycle he assembled from spares.  But one lucky day in 2013 changed all that when he spent $20 on an instant ticket and won $2 million.

Powerball Makes Poor Mum Of Four Incredibly Rich
If you ask lottery players what keeps them playing, the answer will likely be to get a chance at a life-changing prize.  At least that’s what struggling mum of four Marie Holmes thought when she bought Powerball tickets for a big rollover draw.

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